Crescent Moon 2010 – Walkthrough

Crescent Moon

Here is the walkthrough I created for Digital Artist Magazine – Imagine Publishing, back in 2010. Some of you were asking me if I would put it on my site and I guess now would be as good the time as any to post it.

The walkthrough is for the image “Crescent Moon”. The editor wanted to use Arabic theme as a base to show how certain, distinct styles are incorporated into creating an interesting interior mood. The walkthrough is not a tutorial per say, but more of a guide as to what to keep in mind before, and while painting. It encompasses notes on lighting, texturing, patterns and how important it is to stay true to authenticity of an area and the period of the depicted illustration.

So, let’s take a journey into the oasis of exotic colors and textures of the Arabic style!

Click here to download the PDF