Watermill – Final


Ah, after a long, laborious endeavor, this painting is finally done. It would have been done awhile ago but knowing myself too well, I kept adding more and more, working details to “death”.  I really should train harder to stray away from overworking things.  In any case, I can close this page out and work on something new.  Few notes on this.  I’ve modified quite a few things around since the original sketch and the color rough.  The round portion of the building looked too small, so I’ve enlarged it.  The same goes with the stairs.  The biggest problem was the size of the girl.  Originally, I wanted to create larger depth and perspective but just didn’t work and there was not enough canvas space to achieve that (well, that could have been an excuse as well) so, the girl size was dramatically reduced and I liked it munch better…
I wanted to post more progress shots, however I kept forgetting to save files… sorry. I will really try to be better about it the next time. 🙁
The final painting can be seen in the gallery.

Some close ups: