Book Covers

So far, 2024 has been pretty prolific for my illustrative output.  Considering it is only June (mid year) in retrospect, all my senses would tell me I would be burned out by now.  However, I have been on the roll, and the more I work, the more I am tuned in to my world.  It is like a motion picture in which I wait to see how things unfold. The same with each upcoming illustration. I can’t wait to see what the characters will tell me; what is their secret, their path, their thoughts…
Besides other, ongoing assignments, this year began with re-covering these 2 book series by the New York Times Bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby at Oliver – Heber Books; Daughters of Avalon and Guardians Of the Stone. It was a welcome variety to paint something beautiful and romantic. (for larger view, please visit the Gallery). Having said all this, work is going well and therefore creates lack of time to update the website and social media.

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