February 16, 2023
Refine – FFG Arkham Horror

Refine – © 2023 by Fantasy Flight Games, Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion. This little nugget was a tricky one to compose. The reference photos I took were very creative; couple of booms, hair dryer, hammer and some rope… How’s that for getting inspiration going. Ha, ha! Also, I have no idea what the gliders looked […]

March 29, 2022
From All Angles

From All Angles – ©2021 Fantasy Flight Games – Machinations Through Time (scenario pack). I don’t paint men nearly enough.  But when I got this assignment I was excited and challenged.  When that happens, my mind goes through hundreds of scenarios, poses, colors; it’s a downright kaleidoscope vision.  It is hard to pick just one […]

February 22, 2022
The Fervor of Lore – FFG (Lord Of The Rings)

The Fervor of Lore – © 2021 Fantasy Flight Games –  for Lord Of The Rings The Dark of Mirkwood scenario pack. The full illustration can be seen here.

February 23, 2021
Blessed by Fukurokujin – FFG

Blessed by Fukurokujin – © 2019 Fantasy Flight Games –  for Legend of 5 Rings  The Temptation of the Scorpion fourth dynasty pack . Created a while ago but only recently released. The final illustration can be seen here 🙂

July 21, 2020
Molly Maxwell – FFG Blood of Baalshandor

Hi all. Here comes Molly, one of the favorite characters I had the chance to paint. Reason being, she is a magician’s assistant! Need I say more?! 😉  In the past life, I used to work as one and when the assignment came to me, I was thrilled to work on her. At the same time […]

June 3, 2020
Paradise Lost

Newest addition to the gallery. Paradise Lost was a labourous process of painting during the month of May. It went through many major transformations and almost didn’t make it into the finished folder. I was indecisive about the title and then at the end I settled on this name, as a reminder of the current […]

April 24, 2020
Ravaged By Sin

Hello everyone. I trust you are all safe and sound. It is not easy living the way we do now. This illustration is the first personal one in a very long time. I developed the sketch in the fall of last year and I just couldn’t get to spend any substantial amount of time to […]

March 31, 2020
Delilah O’Rourke

Delilah is out, again.  I had such a pleasure to work on this card.  As you can tell from my portfolio, I love to paint female characters. Having said that, this one was not without challenges.  I have to thank my very good friend Tracy for posing for me, although without the weapon 😉 and that’s where […]

February 18, 2020
Monstars, Maces & Magic – Fairyed

Hello all. I am happy to present to you the 4th book in the series of the Terry Ervin II  Monsters, Maces & Magic – Fairyed; a cover illustration I’ve created last year for Gryphonwood Press. I am very grateful to be able to work on 3 covers for this series and I want to thank David […]

January 28, 2020

Hi All, Long absence from posting anything new. New Year has started with a bang. Lot’s of issues on all fronts. Hopefully it will settle soon. Here I wanted to share “Melisandre”,  illustration I’ve done in 2018 for the Fantasy Flight Games – A Game Of Thrones Organized Play that will happen in February 2020. […]