From All Angles


From All Angles – ©2021 Fantasy Flight Games – Machinations Through Time (scenario pack).
I don’t paint men nearly enough.  But when I got this assignment I was excited and challenged.  When that happens, my mind goes through hundreds of scenarios, poses, colors; it’s a downright kaleidoscope vision.  It is hard to pick just one and go with it.  But time flies when you are having time, so with the deadlines looming, I asked my lovely husband for help.  He obliged after I told him he needs to imagine himself with the gun (more precisely 1875 Remington Revolver) and look like a 1920’s hitman ha, ha… “fish in the water” sort of speak.  We took few reference shots and the whole process went smooth like butter.  Such a pleasant experience.  I hope you like the final.  This will definitely be one of my favorite projects to remember.
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