Ravaged By Sin

Hello everyone. I trust you are all safe and sound. It is not easy living the way we do now. This illustration is the first personal one in a very long time. I developed the sketch in the fall of last year and I just couldn’t get to spend any substantial amount of time to work on it, until the month of April of this year. The downside of being quarantined as a freelancer is most of the projects are either on hold or are canceled , so it is a true struggle to pay the bills. On the upside (and there always is one) there is a list of personal ideas just waiting to be worked on. So, this is the first of many illustrations I plan on seeing to fruition for as long as this situation lasts.
Ravaged By Sin has so many personal meanings. I started the idea before the epidemic took over the world, but now I see how relevant it is. We live in the fallen world, where human virtue is so hard and harder to find. If you are reading this, I truly hope you are safe and protected not only physically but spiritually as well.

Blessings and well wishes to all.