October 2, 2015
Part Time Job, Full-Time Artist: Rethinking the Creative Career

Since I am not a writer but I’ve started this blog awhile ago, I am sharing articles that others, “much better with words” creatives have written, in hopes it lands a helping hand where it is needed. Here is the enlightening article ” Part Time Job, Full-Time Artist: Rethinking the Creative Career” by Amy Ng, […]

May 13, 2014
Art Licensing Representation

I just stumbled upon this very informative blog by Joan Beiriger, in which she gathered a collection of valuable info, if you are in the market of finding an art representation. ┬áLike any other freelancers, our time is divided between many tasks and duties. ┬áNot only do we have to keep our portfolio current and […]

October 26, 2012
Freelance Business – Articles to read

If you are freelance illustrator/designer and you kept working stedily for years, you are more than likely a business person. Not only you do creative work, but you also have to do everything else required to make the business run smoothly. I will designate this space of my blog to post interesting and highly educational […]