CreativeDust 4.0

I am excited to present to you a new look for It is a perfect timing to start the New year with the fresh look, and as I put on the finishing touches, I can’t help but reflect on the past and the beginnings. Not too long ago, in the now distant 2001, in the effort to centralize all of my work in one place, the very first website was created. It featured a modest gallery and a shop, which at the time took a great deal of work and time to maintain (unfortunately I was unable to find a screenshot of that). Luckily, my husband has a mind for computer technology, so all of those duties fell on his shoulders (with lot of nagging on my end). The site become technically cumbersome very quickly, so 4 years later, we had to replace it with the different look. During that time, the gallery grew with the variety of different projects I had worked on. We split it up into 4 categories, which structurally, remained the same until today. In 2009, with the prominence of WordPress, updates become much easier to handle and the next look was born.

2017 look and feel is again based on WordPress and is completely streamlined, therefore easy for me to handle all updates and changes. I am thrilled to have learned so many new things in the last couple of years not only as an illustrator but in the technical aspect as well, and with that knowledge came a welcome independence. Having said all that, if you should come across any errors, drop me a line and let me know.