Knight – Chess Series

I am pleased to release “Knight” – the 3rd in the Chess series. I am still very motivated to finish the series even though I started the project couple of years ago. So many things are happening lately, I had to put the pencil work on the pause. I was so eager to illustrate┬áthe Knight, I worked on it in my spare time, in between other projects. The design itself presented a bit of a challenge. It had to represent the piece on the chess board (otherwise known as a horse) and also fit the theme. Once I was happy with the look, the pencil lining and shading took only 3 days! It went faster than I anticipated, so I only took couple process shots. Being so refreshed after finishing this, I am so looking forward to continuing with the next one.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

(for a larger image, please visit the main gallery – pencils section)