Is boredom a birth to creativity?

Surely creativity and the lack there of has been the standard question to most every interview. Where do you find your inspiration? What inspires you? and so on… Personally, I have answered that question numerous times and more I was asked, the more I pondered about it. I always thought creative people are never bored, because their creative mind simply doesn’t allow it. Now on the other hand, after reading this article, I have to rethink some things. It is not really the boredom that gives us creative spark, but I would have to say it is silence and detachment from the buzz of the world.  This article has me thinking deeper about my own creativity and where it comes from. I’d have to say it is something that comes spontaneously. I never give much thought of where it comes from when something lights up the bulb in my head. I grab it and go with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But when there is a void, everything becomes frustrating, and the feeling is un-escapable. What to do when there is emptiness in your creative mind?

After reading this, I’ve learned something I never thought I would attempt to do. Enjoy the silence 🙂

Why Boredom is good for your Creativity
by Mark McGuinness