My new creative iSlave

It is safe to say, that after a month I am very comfortable with my new 27-inch iMac. Honestly, cheap nfl jerseys I was a bit apprehensive about the switch, being in the midst of the heavy load of work, deadlines Lancement and not walkthrough enough hours in the day, but there haven’t really been any MuhmadEmad reasons for panic. Not yet! My biggest thanks goes to my wholesale nba jerseys husband, who has been trying to get me to work on a Mac for a long time now, I was just being somewhat stubborn and a bit frightened. Not only he customized it for me, he has made my transition a breeze! have almost forgotten what it is like to work with the fast processor (not to insult my old computer or anything) but it was time to retire it.

The main reason I chose this path is the MONITOR. I have done my vast research in the field on all manufacturing companies, but none came even close as to offering such quality and clarity. My eyes are definitely thanking me now. If you ever have any doubts about which way to go, I would highly recommend getting a Mac!
On another note. My work horizons have expanded, ever since I’ve gotten the chance to make illustrations for games. When the opportunity knocked, I’ve answered. It is something I’ve always wanted to do. I used SNN to play games for hours on hand, now I get to be a part of the creative team. Since I started, I’ve gone through a great deal of learning, not only in the aspect wholesale mlb jerseys of art itself, but the task sharing as well. It is a totally different ballgame working as a team wholesale nba jerseys then doing it solo 🙂 I hope this experience helps me develop further 2015 as an illustrator.
You will notice the output in the gallery has slowed down, however now that some of the biggest milestones have been completed, I will try to allocate time to updating the portfolio (in my spare time).
My iSlave is ready Copyright to conquer the world!!!! Yay