Allanys Greyjoy – Fantasy Flight Games

Allanys Greyjoy – © 2018 FFG – from the “City of Secrets” chapter pack. There is something very rewarding to paint an elderly face. Each wrinkle and line chiseled in the face, tells the story of the character, and it is almost like a road map or a timeline of the life that person is leading. I am not familiar with the Allanys’s character as I haven’t read the book, but with each assignment, I am given a short description, along with the fraction of a paragraph from the book, which describes the scene and the personality… Anyways, I wanted to capture her failed beauty and quiet strength through the facial features. It is challenging to work with characters that suppose to be aged. It took many references and “do overs” to get to the final. Here, I wanted to share few shots of initial progress and references that help me along the way.
For the full final illustration, please visit the commissions page in the gallery.